Dawn Zarcaro (Branding)

An independent business owner wanted to be able to share her message of loving yourself in your own skin. She needed a branding identity that was powerful and feminine. The only request was that it included the color purple.

There are two logo formats and three color styles since they will go on top of other images. It was important that the design could work on top of any type of image at any size.


The combination of a semi-bold and a script font reinforces the mix of powerful and feminine. The embellishments bring some personality to the design. The corner designs also helped to give the logo a stamp feel.

Ignited by Euclid (Logo Design)

A math teacher wanted a creative way to bring a spark to the world of geometry. Euclid is the ‘father of geometry’ and wrote a book called Elements. The main request was to incorporate the wings of a phoenix into the design somehow.


The wings embody phoenix wings and the element of fire. Since the logo was for a teacher, the lettering looks like something that could be a school’s font.

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Paperback Web Design embraces the next step in portable information.

Paperback books are easier to carry around than their hardcover counterparts. Anyone can access a website from almost any device. The cover of a book is a visual representation of what's inside. Websites are a digital representation of a person or company.

We could only share art, knowledge, and advertising by printing. Now, even books are electronic. The evolution of information distribution is constant. We are always looking for new ways to communicate with each other.

It is important to recognize the evolution of websites and information sharing, but it is just as important to look to the future. PBwebD can improve your data management or make you a website that takes advantage of the latest features while keeping the site working on some of the browsers from the past.