ConnectRoot’s needs

ConnectRoot is a facilitator of quality, vetted financial services industry providers. The company needed a website to define what they do. Two main directories were the focus of the project. The service providers needed to stay separate from the speakers.

About the website

ConnectRoot’s responsive website is a feature-packed custom WordPress theme. It includes a user signup and login with user-only content. A provider registration form streamlines the registration process for the company. The directories are searchable and have category filters for users.

The site’s design uses the color scheme from the logo. A lot of the site’s color and design is neutral and keeps the content as the focus. Purple is the call to action color, with the bright purple used only as needed.


ConnectRoot style guide

Click this link or the image above to interact with the live site’s features and see the design elements.


Website specifics

ConnectRoot continues to develop ways to connect investors with those who serve them. Their users are always giving suggestions that might help them get more out of their time on the site. This gives us the opportunity to learn about what works and what doesn’t.

ConnectRoot has taken over the content management of the site. Almost all the original design and function remain, but outlined below are some changes.

Users used to see a different home page and set of navigation linksbased on their login status. Those now remain the same for all users. The sidebar features a different type of advertisement than when launched. The “How ConnectRoot Works” page is now simplified to just text. The original “How ConnectRoot Works” page design is below.


ConnectRoot website mockup


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