The Engagement Video

Before a wedding comes an engagement. Kyle’s proposal event had three videos from three different types of devices. He needed one version that combined the best of all three. The final proposal video combines the best from each video.

I used the sound and video as separate entities. Video overlapping and subtle transitions bring the three videos together. Since the song was hard to hear in the video, the original version of the song is playing behind the intro text. The sound from the video fades in to meet with the original song.

The final video is available on the website and on youtube.

The Wedding Website

Ashley and Kyle needed a super simple website that would celebrate their love. It was important to reflect their love for each other and sports.

The responsive website’s design is minimal. The content and imagry is the focus of the site, so they can update family and friends on wedding details. Take a look at the website on any device.

The logo was designed as something they could use for the wedding and in the future. It incorporates the two wedding colors: blue as the main color and green as the accent.


Ashley and Kyle wedding logo

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Paperback books are easier to carry around than their hardcover counterparts. Anyone can access a website from almost any device. The cover of a book is a visual representation of what's inside. Websites are a digital representation of a person or company.

We could only share art, knowledge, and advertising by printing. Now, even books are electronic. The evolution of information distribution is constant. We are always looking for new ways to communicate with each other.

It is important to recognize the evolution of websites and information sharing, but it is just as important to look to the future. PBwebD can improve your data management or make you a website that takes advantage of the latest features while keeping the site working on some of the browsers from the past.