The evolution of information distribution is constant.

Our methods for sharing content have undergone some big changes. The internet is a pretty large upgrade from the printing press. Paperback Web Design is a recognition of that evolution.

Printed communication, of course, had to plan for things like font size and page margin. But we’ve also added consideration for things like cover art and illustrations.

The most recent evolution is a significant one. Now we’ve gone from printed materials to digital content. Words have collided with design on a massive scale. Web development, as a result, adds a level of interactivity to the written word. This brings exciting uncertainty to the future of how we distribute information.

We no longer need to set each letter of each word by hand. But it is more important than ever to understand the history behind how we share information. So remember the value of words, and remember the power our words can have.

A little bit about Paperback Web Design

I design and develop custom websites and programs using WordPress and other tools. I help businesses improve communication both internally and with customers. I love to develop solutions to problems, whether it’s creating a great website for visitors or coming up with the best solutions for organization.

I help people and businesses learn how to communicate their message with clients or customers and how to communicate effectively with coworkers, vendors, bosses, and employees. A good website and workflow is an important foundation for any business and can free up time to build effective communication methods.

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