About Me

My name is Danielle, and I love making websites

My love for books, writing, and editing have combined with my love for computers, puzzles, and details. I am a web developer.

I started by fiddling with basic HTML in high school. My next stop was a drag-and-drop website editor. It wasn’t long until I discovered my love for the world of code and problem solving. I was able to focus it into a long-term career goal. Now I develop complex, responsive, dependable websites and web-based programs.

My Journey

I went to Rowan University to study writing and literature. Not long after, I got my web development degree. My first major project was the development of an online dashboard from the ground up. I discovered the endless possibilities of customized WordPress themes and put it to good use.

Web-based languages are always evolving, and new features and trends are constantly changing. It is important for me as a developer to always learn new things. There are always new ways to create web-based programs. With each new project comes a new opportunity to learn something.

This is my passion, and I love doing it. Let me make you something.