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Why Books Make Great Metaphors for Websites

Many articles refer to websites in ways that were once reserved for books and publishing. Website elements that you encounter on a daily basis are the same elements that we use to describe books. They Include the Same Things A book should have an enticing cover that draws in the reader and should reflect the content of the […]

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Three Things Every Designer Should Know About Development

Designers and developers follow their respective passions because it’s what they love to do. A designer loves working with graphics, fonts, and colors. A developer loves working with code, programs, and functions. But to create something great, they need to work together during website development. Designers and developers need to be able to know a […]

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The Origins of Paperback Web Development

The purpose of having a paperback book as the icon of a website development company is to highlight two sides of the same thing. A combination of creative and technical, writing and illustrating, arts and sciences. Paperback Web Development embraces the next step in portable information. Paperback books are easier to carry around than their […]