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Web Terms: What You Should Know

It’s important to understand the basic parts of your website. By knowing how to use some of the common web terms, you will be able to communicate your wants and needs for your website a little easier. Knowing some basic terms will give you the tools you need to communicate effectively with your website designer or […]

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Three Things Every Designer Should Know About Development

Designers and developers follow their respective passions because it’s what they love to do. A designer loves working with graphics, fonts, and colors. A developer loves working with code, programs, and functions. But to create something great, they need to work together during website development. Designers and developers need to be able to know a […]

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Choosing a Good Web Host

The most common answer to “Who’s your host?” or “Where’s your domain registered?” is “GoDaddy.” You might not care what a web developer wants. It’s your site, and it’s the developer’s job to launch your site on whatever web host you want. But you should know how the host you choose may end up hurting both […]

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The Origins of Paperback Web Development

The purpose of having a paperback book as the icon of a website development company is to highlight two sides of the same thing. A combination of creative and technical, writing and illustrating, arts and sciences. Paperback Web Development embraces the next step in portable information. Paperback books are easier to carry around than their […]