Custom WordPress Themes

Themes built for your specific requirements. Easy to update without the bloat of a page builder! [...]

WordPress Plugins

PBwebD now offers plugins for WordPress! Check back for a complete overview of what’s offered. [...]

Branding and Logo Design

Dawn Zarcaro (Branding) An independent business owner wanted to be able to share her message of loving yourself in your own skin. She needed a branding identity that was powerful and [...]

Advertisement Inventory Tracking System

An easy to use, easy to update system is crucial for any business. A necessary part of digital marketing is keeping track of sold and available inventory. Have advertising space on [...]

ConnectRoot Website & Directory

ConnectRoot’s needs ConnectRoot is a facilitator of quality, vetted financial services industry providers. The company needed a website to define what they do. Two main directories were the focus of [...]

Web-Based Programs & Solutions

Web-based programs work on any device that has access to the internet. You can then export or save the data for when those devices don’t have access to the internet. [...]

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Engagement Video & Wedding Website

The Engagement Video Before a wedding comes an engagement. Kyle’s proposal event had three videos from three different types of devices. He needed one version that combined the best of [...]

Digital and Print Designs

Prints and digital downloads are available for purchase on Etsy. New designs are always added, and it’s a great place to get some cool art for your walls or computer. They also [...]