Advertisement Inventory Tracking System

An easy to use, easy to update system is crucial for any business.

A necessary part of digital marketing is keeping track of sold and available inventory. Have advertising space on your website? Send out sponsored content or newsletters? The Ad Inventory Tracking System is for businesses that need to track what they do.

This program makes it easy to track the activity of each client or advertiser. When you keep your data in one place, it is easier to analyze what kind of revenue each type of ad is generating.

Make your data work for you.

Establishing a workflow is the key to improving productivity. By keeping your data organized, you can cut out confusion and keep your team on task.

Accessing your data is equally as important as organizing it. Use customized data reporting and view exporting to access your data how and where you need to.

Most importantly, the Ad Tracker grows with your company. View, sort, and organize your data. Use as many tables and combinations as you need. Add and edit data in tables without refreshing the page.

Since each user’s level defines their role on the team, they see only what they need to. Let your data guide your productivity.

Customize it.

Integrate any features or customizations you need into this system. Put your data in one place. Contact me at to request more information and a demo.

Automate and simplify anything with a web-based program. Your free time will thank you. Check out some of the programs here.