Custom WordPress Themes

A Brief Overview of a Custom WordPress Theme

WordPress is a content management system (CMS). It allows for flexibility that combines content and functionality. WordPress is open-source, which means it is free and thrives on a community of developers. As a free community, there are free themes available. There are also paid themes, page builder themes, and everything more.

There are tons of resources out there arguing for and against premium themes and page builders. Custom themes come in when you find yourself needing something more specialized. You lay out your needs, and PBwebD develops a solution to address them. No wrestling with tools, fighting with a pre-made theme, or wondering how a theme works.

Custom WordPress Themes

The custom themes that PBwebD develops embrace the WordPress environment. This makes the theme more future-proof so you can make core updates without worry. They are responsive, cross-browser tested, and easy to update. The aim of a custom theme is to make your site easy to update while giving the flexibility WordPress has to offer.

PBwebD has developed custom websites for businesses such as ConnectRoot, Soul Focus, and MoJJo Collaborative Communications. I’ve also been the lead or solo developer on projects involving an agency’s team. See a few examples below.

Freehold Soil Conservation District

Freehold Soil front page
Freehold Soil front page mobile
Freehold Soil FAQs page
Freehold Soil FAQs mobile page
Freehold Soil Plants page
Freehold Soil Plants mobile page

This site’s home page is a full-width and full-height grid with a hover transition. The site features a multi-level page structure. There is a side navigation that transitions into a multi-level mobile navigation and a slide out navigation for deeper levels. There is an FAQ accordion and a custom table style for data that is easy to read. Each page has an optional featured image at the top and quote area for the side navigation on desktop sizes.

Interact with the live website here:


CION front page
CION fund page
CION advisor login
CION mobile navigation

This site features a user login with pages only available to those with access. There is a custom post type for the funds with a special child page navigation. There is a custom content areas for the fund FAQs and an animated search bar.

Interact with the live website here:

Design NJ

Design NJ front page
Design NJ single post
Design NJ features page
Design NJ gallery filter

This site features a responsive multi-level side navigation and rotating advertising spaces throughout the site. There is a customizable site-wide color for areas like the logo background, footer, and links. The custom photo gallery has a comprehensive filter.

Interact with the live website here:


Talula's front page
Talula's menu page
Talula's instagram gallery
Talula's mobile navigation

This site features a full screen multi-panel home page. There is a custom restaurant menu display that utilizes child pages for a secondary navigation. The custom gallery is a set of paginated photos loaded directly from Instagram.

Interact with the live website here:

How to Get a Good Custom WordPress Theme

Have a clear idea of what you want on your site. You don’t need to know or understand how the features would work or fit together. You know your needs best. What is the purpose of your site? What kind of message are you looking to portray?

Before building a house, you need blueprints to lay out the location and number of rooms, bathrooms, and so on. Understanding what you want on your site is just as important.This makes it easier to understand how the pieces should fit together and make a plan for completion.

Define the features you want on your home page: a list of services, testimonials, and a slider. Outline some key pages you know you want: a contact page with a form and map, and a blog with social sharing buttons.

Look around the web for examples of sites or even single pages you like. This helps to focus your site’s design – and even some functionality – into something you’re going to love.