MoJJo Website

MoJJo’s needs

MoJJo Collaborative Communications is a local agency that needed a refreshed design. They also needed better content organization for their website. The design needed to be simple but wanted it to still feel unique. They needed a few ways to highlight case studies, services, and their team members.

About the website

The MoJJo website is responsive and easy to stay organized.The website separates the content into different post types to keep it easy to update. There are sections for case studies, testimonials, team members, and posts. Each section is available to use as a page template.

The company wanted to use a red and black combination for the color scheme. The design aimed to use those two strong, bold colors in a way that was still clean and user-friendly. There is also advanced browser compatibility all the way back to Internet Explorer.

MoJJo style guide

MoJJo now has full control over the site, but follow this link to interact with the live site’s features and see the design elements.

Website specifics

The website admin can manage the logo and the different options for the front page. They can select images for the brush strokes. There is a featured content section that uses a selected page to keep everything easy to manage.

Some pages have a sidebar that the admin can manage through widgets. There’s also the ability to include a slider. Posts have social sharing links at the bottom for easy social posting. There’s also the ability to customize and add a form to any page.

There are a few subtle animations on the front page header and the internal logo when the page loads. There’s also a hover effect for the background image in the featured section on the front page. The main color is from their logo, with an accent color for additional page elements.