Web-Based Programs & Solutions

Web-based programs work on any device that has access to the internet. You can then export or save the data for when those devices don’t have access to the internet. There’s no need to download programs or worry about syncing data. Just open your browser and start working.

Programs as solutions.

Some programs serve a specific purpose. They can be as simple as a form where people can submit info or files. Form data can then get emailed to an admin or saved in a database.

Most often, web-based programs solve a broader need. These systems combine some of the smaller programs to provide a solution for a more complex need. Listed below are some of the programs I have developed.

List Scrubber

The list scrubber is also known as a suppression list generator. It takes your main subscriber list and compares it against a list of subscribers and domains. The program removes those items from your main list. You can then download the scrubbed list in many formats.

Most email marketing services provide you with the ability to create dynamic lists. MailChimp does a great job of giving you flexibility when maintaining subscriber lists. The list scrubber compliments that system.

MailChimp allows you to upload the list generated from this program. You update your subscribers by adding them to a list or group. You are performing a mass update without having to go through the list manually.

Future plans for this program include:

  • hosting the program on GitHub as an open source program
  • using MailChimp’s API to update your subscribers without having to download the generated file

Multimedia Form Submission

This type of program is customizable. There can be options that hide or show certain parts of the form based on previous answers. You can add fields that allow for file uploading. Validate form fields based on value length or format. The forms can be a part of something else or exist as a standalone program serving a specific purpose.

Save form submissions in a database or have them sent to specified email addresses. Uploaded files are either attached to the email or saved on the server. You can choose to send confirmation emails and thank you emails based on the user’s input.

Company Intranet

This program can help companies maintain a type of intranet that allows them to keep all company-wide information in one place. It’s easiest when important communication, data, and events are all in one place. Even Google allows businesses to use the calendar, email, messaging, drive, and so on.

Sometimes those solutions aren’t the right fit. Sometimes businesses want to have a little more control over what they want in a system. Some businesses use those tools but also want a separate system for a specific need.

The business using the program decides what goes into their intranet. The most common components include a messaging system, a calendar, customer tables, and user settings.

Advertisement Inventory Tracking System

Have advertising space on your website? Send out sponsored content or newsletters? It’s important to keep track of the activity of each advertiser. Improve productivity and track opportunities to increase revenue.

Find more information about this full-service program here.