WordPress Plugins

A Brief Overview of a WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugins add something to your site. Sometimes it’s something behind the scenes like SEO. It might also be something you can see, like an image widget. A plugin extends something WordPress already does or adds something that’s missing. A good WordPress plugin has a clear focus and executes it.

If your house needs a better air conditioner or new curtains, you don’t rip out the windows and replace them. You make improvements or repairs. That’s the same concept behind plugins.

It’s a theme developer’s job to determine whether something should go in the theme or if it would be better to create a plugin for it. The WordPress community has tons of free plugins. Some plugins take that opportunity to offer the free plugin with paid upgrades.

There is usually more than one plugin for what you need, so as a developer if they have recommendations. It usually comes down to testing them and deciding which is the easiest to use or is the best at what it needs to be.

PBwebD WordPress Plugins

A custom WordPress theme includes features that may end up as a custom plugin. A plugin should be able to work with any theme, so it depends on how tied the feature is to the theme.

PBwebD plugins extend while still embracing the WordPress environment. This keeps the plugin as secure as possible. It also ensures that the plugin will work even when WordPress releases an update.

Available Plugins


This plugin displays child and parent pages using a shortcode or widget. There are options available to control how the list displays. View the available options and download the plugin on GitHub: https://github.com/PBwebD/ChildNav

In-Progress Plugins


This plugin allows you to save a value in one place for use throughout your site. If you find yourself using the same word or phrase throughout your site, it might be helpful to save it in a central location. Instead of using the word or phrase, you would use a reference to it. This way, if you need to change it, you only need to change it once. Your site title or company name, for instance, would be something you use often but want to keep handy in case it needs to change.

Future Plugins

If you have used a plugin but aren’t happy with it or can’t find a plugin to fit your needs, you can make a request for a plugin with PBwebD. There are always a few ideas floating around as plans for future plugins. Your request might even be on that list.