The Origins of Paperback Web Development

The purpose of having a paperback book as the icon of a website development company is to highlight two sides of the same thing. A combination of creative and technical, writing and illustrating, arts and sciences.

Paperback Web Development embraces the next step in portable information.

Paperback books are easier to carry around than their hardcover counterparts. Anyone can access a website from almost any device. The cover of a book is a visual representation of what’s inside. Websites are a digital representation of a person or company.

We could only share art, knowledge, and advertising by printing. Now, even books are electronic. The evolution of information distribution is constant. We are always looking for new ways to communicate with each other.

It is important to recognize the evolution of websites and information sharing, but it is just as important to look to the future. Paperback Web Development can improve your data management or make you a website that takes advantage of the latest features while keeping the site working on some of the browsers from the past.

The evolution of information distribution is constant.

Our methods for sharing content have undergone some big changes. The internet is a pretty large upgrade from the printing press. Paperback Web Development is a recognition of that evolution.

Printed communication, of course, had to plan for things that font size and page margin. But we’ve also added consideration for things like cover art and illustrations.

The most recent evolution is a significant one. Now we’ve gone from printed materials to digital content. Words have collided with design on a massive scale. Web development, as a result, adds a level of interactivity to the written word. This brings exciting uncertainty to the future of how we distribute information.

We no longer need to set each letter of each word by hand. But it is more important than ever to understand the history behind how we share information. So remember the value of words, and remember the power our words can have.